A Home in the Eternal

A wealthy businessman who once visited the Chafetz Chaim* was surprised to see that the sage lived in such sparse quarters, and he offered to pay for more spacious and comfortable quarters.

The Chafetz Chaim asked him, "what is your home like?" The visitor said, "I have a large salon, a spacious dining room, a study, several bedrooms, all lavishly furnished." "And when you are away from home on business, do you also have such accommodations?" The Chafetz Chaim asked. "No" the man answered, "When I am on the road I have a room in a hotel," "It is the same with me," the Chafetz Chaim said, "In the Eternal World I have a spacious home, But I am here on earth for a rather brief journey to earn my provision for my permanent home. My stay on earth is like business trip, and like you, when I am on the road, one room is sufficient."

*The Chafetz Chaim was a 19th cent. Rabbi known for his many writings repudiating “lashon hara“ - "evil speech”.