Why did the Mashiach/Messiah have to suffer and die for the sins of Israel?


Aren't we told a number of times in the Tanak (Old Testament) that “if a man turns from his sins and repents He will be forgiven for his sins”? Yes, we most certainly are, in such places as Eze 18:27;  Eze 33:11; Pro 28:13; Isa 55:6 etc. If a man could repent and be forgiven why then was it necessary for the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 to have to suffer and die in order to redeem Israel?


 In Romans 3:20-23 Paul tells us that no man can be justified by the Law and then he goes on to tell us that there is a 'righteousness' outside the Law or without the Law. By saying that 'no one can be justified by the Law' is Paul saying that obedience to the Law is no longer necessary? Absolutely not! Just a few verses earlier in Romans 2:13 Paul tells us that it will ONLY be those that “obey the Law that will be justified”. Also in Romans 3:31 Paul makes it clear that “we establish the Law through faith”. Then what exactly did Paul mean by saying that no man could be justified by the Law? We'll answer that question and many others in the two part video below.


 There is a lot of information contained in the two part video below, so you might want to get a paper and pencil and make note of passages that will be discussed that you might have been familiar with.


Romans 3:20-23 Why did someone have to die for our sins 

Part 1

 Part 2