Part 2 of My Testimony. In part 1 I described a little of what my life was like prior to the Almighty getting a hold of it, that is the drinking, the drugs, the bars, the fights, the immorality, and so on. Until the day He made Himself real in my life and everything, the things that I knew to be wrong at the time just stopped – that day.

Never having read the Bible I had no idea what the Almighty expected of me other than the things that I knew to be wrong based on society's 'norms', such as the immorality, the drugs, and the fighting.

The more I read and talked to others about the Bible the more I came to see that what I had been taught as a Catholic wasn’t only not accurate, it wasn't in the Bible. Such as “Limbo”, a place where it was said that babies had to spend I Eternity due to mistakes their parents might have made. And there was 'purgatory', the place where people were said to burn until their 'little sins' were atoned for. And of course there was Hell, where it was taught that a merciful Heavenly Father supposedly tortured people day and night without end for all eternity in a lake of fire. Why? Because they didn't believe in the Christian theology. Then there was the praying to dead 'saints' asking them to intercede for us to 'Jesus'. And on and on. At the time I said to my self, and the priest that stated my sister's baby had to go to “Limbo” because of her mother not being married in the Catholic Church, that I wanted nothing to do with the 'god' the Catholic Church was teaching about.

Here is Part 2 of My Testimony