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 Would you be surprised to learn that the name "Jesus" did not existed when the Messiah walked the earth? The fact is the name 'Jesus' did not exist in any language until the 16 century. As a matter of fact the name 'Jesus' IS NOT in the original 1611 KJV bible one single time. Then what is 'the one name given among men that Peter tells us that we MUST be saved by (Act 4:12)?  

Names ARE NOT translated they are transliterated.

When a name or any proper noun is brought into another language, the spelling MAY change slightly, but the pronunciation is kept the same, or as close as can be.

If two languages shared the same alphabets the spelling of course would be identical, although the pronunciation may very slightly due to accents that people of different languages have.

If the alphabets were different, as they usually are, then the name of course would be spelled according to the pronunciation, and the pronunciation is always, keep as close to the original pronunciation as possible, or at lest it should be.

For instance, you heard of Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian President, in English we pronounce it 'Boris Yeltsin' guess how you say it in Russian? You guessed it, it's pronounced the same way, 'Boris Yeltsin.' The same is true of the name Toyota, guess how you'd say it in Japanese, or any language for that matter? Again it would be the same, Toyota.

Your name would not change as you went from one country to another, although do to 'accents' in different country, it may vary some in different countries, as the native of that country tried to pronounce it as best they could.

Names ARE NOT translated they are transliterated.

 So if the Messiah was given a Hebrew name, Yahoshua, how would you say it in English, Russian, Japanese, or any other language? You'd say it, Yahoshua. Again keep in mind that because of 'accents' it may sound different if you heard a Japanese person say it, then if you have said it, NOT because it changed, but because of the 'accents' involved.

 The Saviors name is very important, Peter puts it this way in Act 4:12; "For there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

 If you believed the words of Peter, in that there is NO OTHER NAME given among men by which we must be saved, than this article could very well change your life, not only in this world but in the world to come as well.


The Savior's Name, Yahoshua (Yahshua)

 The 'Messiah' ( which is the English word, for the word Christ, Christ being a Greek word), was a Hebrew and spoke Hebrew, Act 26:14, was given a Hebrew name Matt 1:23 , and that name was and is Yahoshua. Not to many preachers would disagree with this point, about His name being Yahoshua, or they might say Joshua, but the name Joshua, although being closer to the name of the Savior then 'Jesus', is not totally accurate.


The letter 'J' did not exist in any language on the face of the earth until the year 1520. This you can check with any good dictionary, by looking under the letter 'J.'

So consequently if there wasn't any 'J' there could not have been any name such as 'Joshua' or 'Jesus'.

The name 'Jesus' is a relatively 'new' name. It comes from the Greek word 'Iesous', pronounced 'Ie-Zeus' and NOT from the Hebrew word Yahoshua, which is the Saviors name, and this is how it appears in the 'Original' 1611 King James Bible, as 'Iesous.'


The name Jesus, does not appear in the King James Bible, the 'Original' 1611 version that is, not one single time. It was put in some years later. Most people are unaware of this fact, but it is easy enough to verify, by going to any Christian book Store and looking at a facsimile of the Original 1611 King James. Which they should have or they can get it for you, the cost is about $25.00? But you don't have to buy it, just look at it to verify that the name 'Jesus' is not in there.


The word or the name 'Ie-sous' which as I mentioned, comes from the Greek Language, and IS NOT a transliteration of the name of the Savior, Yahoshua.


Names or any Proper noun, are NOT translated they are 'transliterated.' Which means th and I believe it is, does it sound important that we know the Savior's name? Without question it is important.

No one is more certain then Satan himself, that God means what He says. So if there is ONLY one name given among men by which we MUST be saved, and Satan can get people to call on some other name, He wins. He successfully deceived multitudes into calling on the name of some pagan god, Ie-Zeus.

As I mentioned the name Ie-sous, is a Greek word, you'll notice, the 'sous' in the name. Although the spelling is different, how would you pronounce this? 'sous'

Again names are transliterated not translated. Regardless of how it is spelled the important thing is to keep the pronunciation as close as possible.

Pronounce 'sous' : Pronounce 'Zeus' Satan may have disguised the spelling but it's the same name.

Zeus, was considered the 'Father of the gods' in Greek mythology.

Since most nations worship in the name of their gods (Mic 4:5), it is easy to see how the Hebrew name of the Savior, was changed to a name to suit the pagan nations that were being preached too.

One example of the way the pagan's would substitute names for their 'gods' is found in Act 14:8-13. When the pagan, Lycaonian's seen Paul heal a crippled man, they cried out,


vs 11, "...And when the multitudes saw what Paul had done, they raised their voice, saying in the Lycaonian language, The gods have become like men and have come down to us,' And they began calling Barnabas, Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker. And the priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought oxen and garlands to the gates, and wanted to offer sacrifice with the crowds "


Micah 4:5 tells us, "Though all the people walk, each in the name of his god, As for us, we will walk in the name of the 'Yahweh' our God forever and ever.


So you see it was and is a custom for the pagan nations to ascribe the name of their gods or deities to the gods of others, such as calling the Savior, Yahoshua, by the Greek name, 'Ie-Zeus', which reportedly means the 'Healing Zeus'.


In Greek Mythology, Zeus was the father of gods. The chief god of the Greeks. Zeus worship was very prevalent in the time of the Savior and for hundreds of years afterward. As a matter of fact one of the 7 wonders of the world, along with the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon,' the 'Great Pyramid of Giza,' the 'Colossus of Rhodes,' the 'Lighthouse of Alexandria,' the 'Mausoleum at Halicrnassus,' and the 'Temple of Artemis at Ephesus' was a 50 foot statue of Zeus.


This is the statue of the god in whose honor the Ancient Olympic games were held. It was located on the land that gave its very name to the Olympics, at the ancient town of Olympia, on the west coast of modern Greece, about 150 km west of Athens. At the time of the games, wars stopped, and athletes came from Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Sicily to celebrate the Olympics and to worship their king of gods: Zeus.


This statue of the god of the Pagans, Zeus, was build approximately 450 B.C. and destroyed in 462 A.D., over 400 years after the death of the Savior and as equally long after the 'True Faith' as taught by the Savior and His immediate followers was corrupted by the pagan Greeks and turned into the Greek religion we have today, known as 'Christianity.'


Christianity with its Sunday worship (derived from Sun-worship) rather then the Almighty's 7th Day Sabbath, Christmas and Easter, two totally pagan holidays (which you can verify in any good encyclopedia), rather then God's Feast Days (Lev 23; Deut 16).


So it is easy to understand how that when Paul went preaching to the Greeks as he did, they might of might prefer to call him by the name of their god Zeus. And it is equally easy to understand how the Greeks with all their pagan concepts would prefer to call the Hebrew Messiah, Yahoshua but the name of their god Ie-Zeus Christos. (Je-sus Christ)


And today the name 'Ie-sous', had evolved into the name 'Je-sus', again this happened as recently as, 400 years ago.

The Savior is saying to us today, "I have set before you an open door and no man can shut it' for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name." Rev 3:8.


My Yahuweh Bless you, and keep seeking him with all your heart, I believe the "Last Days" are soon going to be upon us.


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